Ragul Dharuman was born in the Nilgiris of Southern India, better known as the blue mountains due to the blue smoky haze given off by its many eucalyptus trees . Nilgiris is a picturesque hill station filled with lush mountains and green valleys, where he grew up by the hill side and this was when he started amature painting in his early years . His love for painting grew to become love for photography and his love for photography brought towards his destiny of becoming a cinematographer.

He did his major in cinematography from the acclaimed Film Institute of India located at Adyar Chennai which is also the home for some of India's best minds behind the camera.

He then assisted India's well known Ace Cinematographer Mr. Ravi K Chandran for a few years before starting his own independent journey in 2013 . During the period of assisting was the time he was taught to see the light in a different and new perspective than before and had gained a lot of aesthetic knowledge from his mentor.


He is of the belief that "One cannot reach the real point of factual knowledge without being helped by the right person who is already established in that field" it was a blessing for him to have him as his Mentor.

Currently based in Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India . Ragul Dharuman is always on the lookout for challenging and interesting projects.